Allo Project

2016 - 2017

In today's digital era, we have reached a point where the majority of the information we consume comes from the internet. Both on our social networks and on research sites, these systems have algorithms that chooses what we see according to our history, actions, commitments and so on. This somehow filters what we are dealing with as users. This effect is devastating for democracy in today's societies. The Internet controlling what we see (somehow) does not educate us to be challenged and be led to the spirit of debate.

The Objective :

"To have the opinions of fellow citizens on different subjects to expose the pulse of a society in our digital era."

In fact, the solution is not only to provide a place for the user to give their opinion (comments sections already exists since a while now), but there's a whole synergy between getting well informed before answering and seeing afterward our position in relation to your peers.

Preliminary Concepts

(click image to enlarge)

After the ideation phase, the final concept was to develop a chatbot which will firstly inform the user about the subject and subsequently, according to the position of the user, present opposing opinions from other users. Finally, this starts an asynchronous debate between users.

Built with PHP and MySQL, I quickly made a small user test to validate the concept. I tested it out with my classmate and to my delight, it did worked out.

Finally, I gave my app an identity and I tweaked the few flaws I received during the user tests. ALLO was the name of the projects since the first day, so I kept it and created the logo by gathering the different sizes of the groups and communities where individually in.

Here is the booth I built to present the final product at the EFFA exhibit.