Nike Bike Concept


The objective was to realize the design and to develop a concept bike for the everyday commuting in the urban environment of Montreal. With the whole array of climate conditions, the bike had to be as rugged as possible to withstand the harsh elements. I was also assign a brand that was already engrained in the sportwear industry, but wasn't producing bicycles : NIKE.

The Concept : To remove the top tube bar and instead use the center area of the bike for storage.

I chose the “active lifestyle” look of Nike. I defined this identity by matching color pallets, smooth curves and useful functions. I took those aspects as my main design criterias. Through the process, I iterated the shapes the bike could take and finally chose to use the original Nike's duffle bag as the main feature.

Moodboard and Sketchs

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The bag already giving a strong branding identity to the bike, I added touches of color defined by accents from the frame. I was imposed to use hydroformed aluminum for the frame and to have mudguards, lights and a lock attached to bike.

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