Hypeset Sample


I always had a particular interest for fashion and clothing. I decided to design an outfit that could be the anchor point of a future collection I invisioned.

Sketchs : Explorations, Details and Patterns

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Inspired by the late streetwear and sportwear trends, I researched and explored through sketchs to imagine the right cuts and an interesting graphic pattern. I used monochrome colors to keep a strong contemporary look and added an image of dynamism through subtile diagonal lines.

The Final Product

I wanted good contrast with colors, textures and materials. For the jacket, I chose the black and white opposition and the matte finish of nylon to match with the glossiness of the t-shirt.

Afterwards, I wanted the pants to complete the chromatic scale when worn with the upper part so I picked a smooth gray color. Thereby, I added the same idea of finish contrast with the detail on the calf and I also kept the same formal look of diagonals as on the coat.

Details View

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