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Splitting FullStacked single package into 10 packages

FullStacked is a tool to create, dev and deploy web apps solely using TypeScript.

After getting really sick and tired of rewriting the same build and deploy scripts project after project, I started to work on a npm package in hope to help myself and fellow web developers. For the past year, I worked on functionalities to increase the speed of creating and developing a web app, make your project more future-proof and manage deployments and data backups more easily.

As any indie developper in it’s first days, I believed that everyone would want to use FullStacked as a whole and take advantage of every single functionalities. But the more I got involve into others' projects, the more I realized that many of them had a well established setup while they would still benefit of few of FullStacked functionalities.

To better understand what FullStacked can do, here's the new FullStacked packages:

npm packages


But why?

Currently, there are 2 projects I'm involved in where I profoundly wanted to integrate FullStacked, but the projects were already to mature to accept such a big dependency like the old state of FullStacked sole 2MB package.

  1. The first project is trying to deploy easily different instances of their web apps.
  2. The second one is bootstrapping a new modern frontend interface to their legacy web application.

FullStacked had both the functionalities to resolve those problems in a matter of minutes, but both would drag stuff they don't care about. One thing leading to another, I split all functionalities and I can now integrate FullStacked to way more use cases.

While this is all in alpha stage, I'm very eager to reach a stable state. By then, you can checkout the official website, the docs and the github repo.

I also started to build a small demo of the @fullstacked/webapp and @fullstacked/build setup.

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